The Dark Avengers

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Great! Clicking on more will take you to the join form. Fill it out, send it, and we'll get back to you by e-mail as soon as possible! In the meantime, please make yourself familiar with this page.


How do i join TDA?

To join TDA, go to Community -> Join, complete the form and send it. As simple as that.

What games do TDA play?

first of all, we are constantly looking for new games to play. so if you are interested in joining TDA and your favourite online game is not listed here, don't be dissatisfied. just get in touch with us and maybe your game will be on our list soon.

currently, there are three "official" TDA games, StarCraft, Diablo II and Half-Life

TDA as a clan started out with StarCraft in October 1999, Half-Life was added in February 2000. however, as StarCraft is already pretty old, we are desperately looking for a RTS game to take its' place, unfortunately without much success so far. Red Alert 2 and Mankind were added in early 2001 and removed again a few months later. In February 2002 Diablo II was added.

over the last few years, the number of games that are playable online has grown dramatically. so if you'd like to join an active online gaming community and build and lead a section for your favourite game, give us a try! we are always looking for new members, games and challeges.